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Starter motor grinding


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Pulled my TJ starter motor today as it was making a nasty grinding noise for a couple of seconds after starting on a cold morning. After inspection no wear to gears etc so gave it a good dose of lube on the bendix end and switch cleaner on the brush end. So far no more nasty grinding noise. Also welded a pair of HD controle arm brackets to a Cherokee Hp Dana 30 I'm rebuilding with 4.10 ratio to replace the crap 3.07 I'm running at present. Got a 4.10 ring and pinion plus fitting kit from Llama 4x4 really nice helpfull guy. I have made up some spare HD control arm brackets which will be up for grabs shortly if anyone is interested. Got some pics of these but this forum won't let me put pics I took on my iPhone on it ? I'm a bit of a computer dunce so it's most likely my fault so I will get some training on that, also took some pics on regearing the rear D44 when I rebuilt that and replaced the LSD clutches etc no prop on the front at present as gearing don't match but soon as I Finnish the front end should be good to go nice and low.  :wav1e0c1fbcdc61e815d73ef21d838ce7b90.jpg6b6ff4e23855de1cbc22b3ccdcaed091.jpgb9ad6307d396d79f906c32011c646ce5.jpg

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Hi Rex,

Hope your well mate,

Sound like a great project , would be great to see the photos  :great:

iPhone / iPad should work with no issues. Even easier if you use Tapatalk app.

If you have no luck, email them to me and I'll put them in to you post chrisby123@hotmail.com .

Regards Chris

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Thanks Chris I'm fairly handy with the spanners but rubbish with the tech stuff when i get time I'll do a little write up inc pics and hopefully it may be usfull to others doing the same stuff. :wav1

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