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WK Jeep Grand Cherokee faults


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Collected my WK Jeep Grand Cherokee today. The fault with the vehcile was crankshaft sensor compounded by new battery going faulty. I have been advised of the following faults by the Jeep specialist (not a dealership);


Cylinder 3 & 6 glow plug faults active ( whatever that means as engine seem to be running smoothly)

Front lower ball joints have excess play

Front inner steering arms have play

The nearside wheel bearing has play

Front axle support bush is seperated

Front anti roll bar links are seperated ( I am sure these were replaced about 2 years ago)

Front wishbone bushes are perished

All tyres are beginning to wear low (They are General Grabber HTS with about 28,000 miles)

The propshaft rear boot is split


Obviously I will need to get all of the above repaired although the tyre repalcement can wait a few months as still legal. If replacing glow plugs is it advisable to replace all six or is it okay just to repalce the two? Although all are essential I will need to get the most urgent ones done first. Can anyone advise the best order to have things done as not exactly flush with the ready cash. Thanks.

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When is mot due? Any advisories on last one? Concentrate on those. Leave glow plugs for now. If it starts ok & summers coming. Jeep specialist might just be drumming up business.

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Stew the Jeep

You collected it in that state?????? Take it back and raise hell!!!

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