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distributor change and engine flush.


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well a few days ago i noticed that the rotor arm end of my distributor shaft had quite a bit of play in it causing a bit of timing scatter,so i got a good 2nd hand one and i fitted it..dead easy to do...engine runs so much better and more smooth.today i purged the engine of the old coolant as i did notice that there was not much heat coming from the air vents.i bought new anti-freeze and i set about cleaning the heater matrix out..so crud came out and i flushed the matrix until the water was clear,i found some water in the bottom of my air filter box...plus i did notice my water level was going down a little over a week or so..turned out to be the lower rad hose worm drive clamp was useless,so on with a good clamp and no more leaking water from the bottom hose connection.all in all im quite pleased with the work that i have done.next job is new rear shocks,i did the fronts in the early new year... :icon_e_smile:

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