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This weekend I...


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  • So firstly I’d like to thank Andy from Jeepy for sorting out my newest piece of kit the COMEUP Seal Gen2 9.rsi, I’d also like to thank the guys from WinchSystems for the long chat (+ free tshirt)  we had at the donnington4X4 show last week and of course some of the members from our own club for the advice provided.
    So on Friday I started the install process along with a few other things…
    -Remove right hand fender and replace broken clips
    -Install Teraflex 12mm trim spacers to front.
    -Replace headlight blubs (and blown left rear brake light)
    -Install ARB breather kit.
    -Install ARB (968CSG) IPF 6" 55W (Plus wiring into switch pod)
    -Modification of Rough Country front skid plate to allow shackle mounting on AEV bumper recovery points. 
    -Swapping out of factory rear antiroll bar bushing for PolyPro’s (fronts have been in for about 3 months)


Now unfortunately I didn't take many pictures over the 3 days, but there are a few attached below.


My thoughts so far on the winch are that it is a really good piece of kit, a really solid unit and well protected from the elements.


The wireless remote is a good size, having not seen it before in person I was worried it may be key fob sized but it’s not, you won’t be losing anytime soon.


A note to the supplier thou, would be to tape the bottom of the two smaller boxes packaged within in the main box… as the contents just falls out as you remove them.


Once ive had a chance to use it a few times and all ill get some more feeback up.








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