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Today I have!!!!


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Will this help with keeping my footwells from filling with water!!!!!!        Well here's hoping so :gasp:


As my Jeep can sit for periods outside and after replacing every roof seal possible with genuine Jeep seals, ( I Know its a Jeep thing Leaking) I,m trying this half cover supplied by our good friends at Jeepey ( Thanks guys )

All I have done extra to it is give it a good coating of Fabsil and so far after today's downpour it's looking good.



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Hi Bob


Glad you like the cover


To cut a long story short I ordered a cover from Jeepey but they were unsure if it would fit over the Hard top and when it arrived it didn't but it was made of a more substantial material. Any how no problem returning it to Jeepey. While that was happening I found the one I have now and so i just contacted Jeepey and arranged for them to supply and I just payed them the extra!!! save having to do refunds and to keep the order with a club sponsor.


The cover is a Genuine Jeep  Mopar (not cheap) product from the link below if i've done it right!!!  It's made of a lighter material and so packs smaller. The coating it with Fabsil ( I used 3 complete spray Tins) idea comes from camping and not wanting the tent to leak and by the amount i put on I reckon you could float on it LOL.




Hope this helps anything else just give me a shout



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Hi Paul,


Yes it looks good.  Let us know if it's really waterproof please.


I've got a garage for my JK but if we go to long distance events and the weather is really bad this could be useful overnight.





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Hi Chris


Off the shelf I don't think the cover is waterproof, showerproof maybe but with the amount of fabsil I coated it with at the moment the water is just beading off.  So for what you're looking for I would highly recommend and it packs away into a smallish bag.


Let me monitor how its looking as time goes by and i will give more feedback for you!!  but so far I,m pleased with the results, albeit a little on the expensive side.


ps I would love to be able to garage mine :great:

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