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Frame maintance.


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At the weekend the bumper and some of the front end is coming off, to install a few new parts and mainly winch (thanks Jeepy mart).


At the same time i want to give the front end of the frame a rub down and a respray.


Any recommendations on the best methods/products. 




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POR-15, done the same when I fitted a new rear bumper on the TJ, I also done the whole chassis, great stuff and inhibits rust



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Check out Epoxy Mastic 1-2-1. It's great stuff!

Had limited success with POR 15 on a few classic cars I have owned. Did my beetle floor pan with Epoxy mastic and 4 years later it looks as good as new. It's a two part system that can be sprayed or applied by brush. I used a brush and it went on easy and left a nice smooth rock hard finish. Just make sure the metal is cleaned up properly whatever you decide to use.


Details here> http://www.rust.co.uk/epoxy-mastic-rust-proofing-paint/c28117/

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