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Dangerous ground


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Playing the "If I had £30k to spend" game browsing through Auto Trader on the i device at breakfast (on my tod I hasten to add) and just at the point where SWMBO walks into the kitchen I open up on the Blue 2 door Rubi and she looks over my shoulder...


20 minutes later and I am under no illusions that 2 Rubi's in the family will only happen if a, hell freezes over, b, we find out who shot JFK, c, we discover that I do in fact enjoy having an umbrella opened up my backside.


I should have realised the seriousness of the intent when I (with a smile) said, but it's on delivery mileage she left the room whilst saying 'try it and see what happens'.  It was delivered in such an ominous tone that I hid the umbrella at the back of the coat cupboard before heading for the shower.


Off out to play in the Gloucestershire floods...if you don't all hear from me again please refer the local constabulary to this post.  Cheers.



Chief Cable Tie Engineer.

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You can like, highlight the text and then it should give you the option to quote or like. 



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