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JKU 2.8 crd buying tips


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I'm going to look at a 2008 JKU 2.8 crd at the weekend, any common issues to look out for on these?


Cheers for any help,



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Run the VIN and check for damp in the front foot wells etc as some do leak there.

Also get the ecu to tell you any error codes by switch the key 3 times.

Ask them to not run the vehicle ahead of you turning up if possible to see what the cold start is like and check for any nasty smoke on start up. When warm give it a Rev to 5k or so should get any noticeable smoke certainly nothing black or blue!

Drive it and get a feel for it, should be no vibrations from driveline , the CRD's get better and smoother the warmer they are as do the manual gearboxes so take it for a good run! Then all the normal stuff ,oil water checks etc

Also check when the belt was done !

Exhausts and manifolds are expensive so give those a good look over and poke.

I'm just going on what mine is like and my experience from buying lots of cars previously .

Good Luck :great:






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Depends on mileage

Has the accessory belt been done

Has the belt tensioner been changed, as these can go any time. Mine did



Got 70,000 on mine

Front discs still OK


Replaced rear discs (pitted)

Both rear callipers have been replaced so check for any binding

Maybe not a problem if hasnt  seen any offroad


Is it auto or manual ?


Hand brake on manual is crap & requires regular adjustment


Water leak on back window to door Check out carpet in Tool storage area for tell tale dampness



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Go to the government mot test web page it goes all the way back to its first mot  can make very interesting reading ask for the last mot number  or station where it was done if it's not available somethings  wrong I walked away from cars that the salesperson or garage won't give out this information


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