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GC Summit at first service


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Morning all,


An update for you on the Summit which is now 10 months old and been in for it's first service at just under 12,500 miles.


Service went well but surprised to see that I only have 3mm of tread on the front and 5mm on the rear. Doesn't seem much in the way of mileage to a set of tyres!


The other good news, is that after all this time and wrangling with Jeep they have eventually agreed to pay for our New York tickets!


I explained that if they didn't sort it, I would ask to be put back into the position I was in before I bought the car! Legally this would not be a problem.


They insisted that I had to show them communication with the garage asking for the tickets. I explained that the onus of proof was with them and no right minded person would imagine I didn't want the tickets. They explained that an email with ticketing information was sent in April last year. As I look after all the companies emails I confirmed this was not the case.


The salesman was not good at responding to emails, so most of my communication was via mobile phone answering machine and text messages. But I did find an email that seemed to make them happy! Oh and the salesman no longer works at the garage!


Just got to pick the dates now!





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