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Hello from not so sunny Shetland


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Hello everybody,


Just thought I'd say hello, been reading through various posts and gleaning as much information as I can, so far all very helpful.

Complete newbie to Jeep's, I've went and bought myself a 2010 JK Wrangler Ultimate. Its a nice little 2 door in black and as far as I can tell pretty much stock other than than its chipped to give 210bhp (or so I've been told). I do have plans to get her a bit beefier but these may be fairly long term as the good lady wants the house refurb'd before spending on my toys (but we'll see  :icon_e_wink: ).

A priority though is getting the rubber changed as the Bridgestone's may be the worst tyre I've ever had the misfortune to have on a car, slightest bit of damp and the traction control is kicking in every other corner! 18" wheels are making finding tyres a pain in the proverbial, anyone got an opinion on Yokohama Geolanders AT-S? I can get these on the stock size of 255/70/R18, alternatively I see that you can get Cooper AT3's in a 275/65/R18, would I have enough clearance for these without any lift kit?

Thanks in advance all you good, good people.



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Welcome :great:

33's fit a JK with no lift, However clearances are reduced and so any off roading could cause rubbing. On road no issues :great:

Nice looking JK BTW



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Welcome to the club and JK ownership.


If you are looking to stick with your stock 18" wheels then there is very limited rubber offering in stock tyre size.I have just had the Yokohama  Geolander AT-S G0-12 tyres put on my JK which are available in 255 70 18 to replace my stock Bridgestone Duellers H/T...ticked the boxes for my needs . Did a 1500 mile road trip on them up and around Scotland in October no issues. Not super agressive looking but better than the stock H/T's in the wet and no increased road noise or change in MPG ...Bought them local to me supplied and fitted £120 each .

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Thanks for the welcome and advice, think I'm gonna go for the cooper at3's in a 275/65. The light truck version has a good rating in the wet and look reasonably chunky for a road tyre. Doubt I'll be doing any proper off roading up here, more likely to be trying to fight through peat bogs!



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