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Hi everyone,


I have just joined the Jeep Owners Club and wanted to introduce myself and say hello.


Unfortunately I have yet to own a Wrangler but myself and partner have been looking at a few, we hope to have purchased one by April 2016. A great "big thank you" to Grey thunder for his help & advice it's really appreciated.


Myself and partner live in Sheffield South Yorkshire, we had been looking at Defenders, however decided to go down the Wrangler Jeep route. Sadly my father passed away in August with cancer. Dad was half American and he loved Wrangler Jeeps, so I will keep the Wrangler for a considerable time, it will be a fitting tribute to dad.


We'll be going for a 4 door Rubicon, with v6 engine, can't wait, in the meantime I'll be keeping content with looking at the Jeep Owners Club site.


May I take the opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful New Year

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Steve, welcome. You have made the right choice.


You have much to look forward to and your Dads influence on your choice will provide lots of fun  :great:


Look forward to your 2016 purchase and Wrangler experiences.

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Hi Steve,


Welcome to the club,


Im based in sheffield also, anything i can do to help let me know.


Happy new year.

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