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Surprise, it works.


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Nothing arrived for my JEEP today but had a very pleasent surprise.


A few weeks back I had the dreaded service 4x4 system warning so took Jeep to main dealer to have the latest recall done N73 I think. After 2 hours it was done but they said it had to come back as still showing fault.


As funds are a little tight I havent worried about taking it back nor have I tried to put it in Low box until today when I tried and low and behold it worked, straight in, 4low showing on dash reasuring slight clunk fom the TC and no fault.


Hope it lasts


One Happy JEEP GC Owner

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Stew the Jeep

Had the N73 done as I refused to have the earlier recall N23 done...FOC and it took @20 minutes low box works OK as well

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