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finally some snow!


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Cheers Jim this was kirkstone pass in Cumbria, the weather suddenly changed so we headed up there, they closed the road so we thought we would give it a whirl passed a couple of defenders stretching their diffs made us feel quite festive!

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Was it just your one vehicle or was there a group of you?


From BBC News Jan 2015 :- An HGV got stranded on one of the UK's highest roads after ignoring closure signs in place because of severe weather.


Cumbria's A592 Kirkstone Pass, which climbs to 1,489ft (454m), is shut between the Troutbeck and Hartsop junctions following snowfall.


The county's police force tweeted:  "If it says closed ... it IS closed!!  40 foot HGV stuck on Kirkstone Pass.."


Not quite the same as a Jeep admittedly! but you never know the conditions till you get there & then it may be too late.

The emergency services are hard pressed enough etc etc....

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We drove from glenridding to Windermere via kirkstone pass and there was no closure sign posted on the glenridding side. I helped a land rover get a Vauxhall out of a ditch stuck half way up as the gritter working on the route did not help so getting the owner of the Vauxhall back to safety. The road only had a closure sign as we came over the summit as you see from the picture facing the opposite direction of our route. All routes to Keswick were closed off as I was informed by a guy in a BMW X5 trying to get to Keswick and contemplating driving  down Kirkstone pass,  I advised him not to as he had road tyres.


But on the whole nobody got hurt, a stranded guy got home and we got to drive in some snow.


Happy says.

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