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2 inch lift kit


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well im pleased to say that the 2 inch rough country lift kit was fitted by paul at pb customs to my commander in time for the yarwell event , so tried it out for the first time there and I can honestly say its brilliant ,the kit levels the body out so no more nose droop and makes it look more like a 4x4 now . the kit has given the body a  lift of 2-3 inches .

this type of kit should fit other jeeps with similar suspension , for the price I would recommend it . with the added hight the approach , breakover and departure angles were greatly improved and didn't touch once . I found it more than able to go most places that day ( drivers nerves allowing lol ) . the kit I ordered from America as I didn't like the look of the ones made over here  , quality issue in my opinion , as for the price and postage from the usa it worked out cheaper , also the kit was made with the use of a 265-70-17 tyre on the commander so that's my next venture to swop out my 245-65-17 tyres and fit the new size on my stock rims . ps also had a great day out at Saturdays yarwell event , my first one , and with great company what more could you wish for  :great:

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