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Hello to all!


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Hi, just now got my hands on a 2011 JK (Manual).  :happy:


Been wanting one for MANY years, but waiting for the right time and the right vehicle.  :icon_bounce:


Just put a full  set of alloys and 33" Coopers. Looking really good.


Very different from the many Audi's, that I have owned. But felt it was time for a bit of a lifetime change!


Looking to learn from the various Forums, to help me enjoy the JK, even more.


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Stewart, I have been very adamant (or stubborn!), but for many, many years searched for a "Manual".


My first choice being a Black 2 Door.


I found the occasional silver or red manual, but kept searching.


It all payed of when this one came for sale.


It had steel wheels and plain/worn tyres, whish EXACTLY what I wanted, so that I could fit the wheels and tyres of my choice. These being Kahns and Coopers :icon_e_biggrin:


Not planning to do any substantial upgrades (as I am not into the big lifts, etc)


Gonna spend some time with it and see how I feel after a while.


Very pleased that I waited for the right vehicle. LOVE the Manual version. 

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Welcome fellow  N.Easterner 

I've got a manual  Black 4 door

How many miles has it done ....  presume its a 2.8CRD ?


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Blue Star., it was just 24,800 when I bought it. Its now 26,000, due to a few miles buying (London) and travelling to get wheels fitted, etc.


Couldn't believe that I finally managed to get a low mileage manual black, really pleased with it. :icon_bounce:

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