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Two Jeep family from Yorkshire


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Hello all, thought I should probably introduce mine and my Dads TJ and JK to the forum. Any of you Jeepey club members may already recognize/know us. Here's some photos of the two Jeeps we own.


Mine is a 2001 60th Anniversary TJ which was purchased 5 months ago in standard form,




The spec list is something along these lines, even though I've probably forgot half of the things,

33" BFG KM2's,

A complex suspension mix up equating to around 3/4" lift, with all eight adjustable control arms and track bar,

Front anti-roll bar disconnects,

1" body lift,

Aluminum radiator,

Banks exhaust,

Bowless soft top,

Short shift kit,

SYE kit,

ARB rear locker,

Regeared to 4.11,

Front, Rear and Sill protection,

Steering box protector,

Front and Rear ARB diff covers,


And then lots of little extra's which I can't remember!


It now looks like this










And then the JK, it was bought at the end of 2009 brand new and we have owned it ever since. Modifications have been gradual over the ownership.


Specification list:

Front, Rear and Sill protection,

Maxxis 33" Tyres on Compomotive 16" rims,

Combination of AEV and OME suspension, around 3" lift,

All eight adjustable Clayton engineering arms,

Front anti-roll bar disconnects,

Kahn graphite grill,

Underbody skid plate,

Re geared to 4.11 diffs,

ARB front and rear diff covers,

Soft top for summer,


Once again i've probably forgot loads of things, but it now looks like this...










So there they both are, and I look forward to meeting you guys in any future gatherings! (p.s Credit to Andy Bonner for the majority of these pictures!)


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Hiya Cameron and  welcome to the JOC  :wav1

Cool pics and nice Wranglers

Loving the after mods pics of the TJ,  they look so much cooler with a few of the right modifications  :great:


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