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Yo...How you dooin? Jersey Shore


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Hello to everyone in the group.  Just traded a Ford pickup for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.  2001  :icon_e_surprised:

It is currently in the shop receiving tender loving care.  And expensive I might add.  Perhaps she wasn't properly taken care of by her former owner, but now that I have her, she will get the best treatment.  Man we love this Jeep.  She has every single option and her options have options!  This is not the first go around for me and Jeep.  Had one many years ago.  1977 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. 


I loved that Jeep.  Should've never got rid of it.  A Jeep is a different kind of beast altogether.  It is utilitarian while also providing comfort and a modicum of luxury and convenience.  We live about 5 blocks from the beach and our new Jeep has a few rust spots.  Not to fear, I've already purchased rust encapsulator from Eastwood and some Champagne Pearl Metallic touch up paint.  Salt air is murder on cars.  We're looking at relocation to the hills in WV.  When we get there I'm sure I will have new stories to tell.  In the meantime, I want to get my Jeep back from the shop and spend some quality time looking over some threads, here in the group.


Thanks for allowing me to join.



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Welcome Ray. For the first 13 summers of my life went on family vacations to OCMD via Cape May ferry. Now living here in the UK. Yeah that GrandWagoneer would be worth a few pieces of salt water taffy now!

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