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Hi i am in East Devon, are there any local group meets around the south west!

I have a wrangler tj with a 2.5 inch lift ,

done a few local green lanes,on my own. Now looking for some more challenging routes ! With some company. As I know it's better to go with at least 2 Jeeps.


I hope this doesn't sound like a lonely harts add !!!


Thanks Darren..

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Hi Darren, :wav1


Welcome to the Club! we have a few members in your area so why not propose a local meet ? Lets get out of the armchairs and sofas  !

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Hi Darren,

Welcome :great: .

Post a few pics of your TJ, hope to see you out in it on and event or two. Chris

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Hi Darren and welcome. X2 what Stewart said. I'm in East Devon too!! I've always intended organising a local meet but the thought of nursing a pint with my dog in the local didn't appeal..now our chapter has doubled in size, let's get something sorted.


I used to have a 2,5TJ then upgraded to a 4.0TJ which I then sold to a mate down the road (he loves it but won't take it off road). I've now got a new JKU CRD in white (you may have seen it?..there aren't many around down here).


So can we get a list going of anyone who'd be interested in meeting in Devon for a drink. We could always combine it with some lanes around Dartmoor too to make it worth a trip for people further away? Once we get a group we can talk dates and venues.



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